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Best Teas at Restaurant Amersham

Tea & Herbal Infusion Selection Crafted by The East India Company

Granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600, The East India Company was established to explore the mysteries of the East.

The result was the discovery of new and exotic goods, including tea. Sir William Hawkyns, Commander of the Hector, was part of the Company’s first voyages and arrived in India in 1608. The Company’s first best tea arrived in London and legend has it that, in 1664, the directors presented a gift of tea to King Charles II and his Portuguese Queen, Catherine of Braganza.

The drinking of tea soon took the royal court by storm, and it is thanks to this young foreign princess that the British have such a taste for it. Today, The East India Company remains proud to offer the very best teas from around the world. From the mist-kissed Himalayan foothills to the Sri-Lankan rainforests. Hand-blended herbal infusions use only the finest and purest quality ingredients. Each, attentively developed and curated by The Company’s Tea Master.

Royal Breakfast, India and Sri Lanka
A strong English breakfast blend, with teas selected from the misty hill of Ceylon, known for their brightness and floral notes, and from the lush estates of Assam to bring out malty and richness characters.

The Staunton Earl Grey, Sri Lanka
One of our signature teas based on the authentic Earl Grey recipe, blended with the finest Neroli and Bergamot oils.

The Imperial Qing Lapsang Souchong, China
Oak and pine to recreate the authentic pine-smoked flavour.

The Forbidden City Green Tea with Jasmine, China
This Chinese Green tea, left to absorb the floral fragrance of the delicate jasmine blossom, is a calming and irresistible cup.

Dragon well Lung Ching, China
Pressed and fired in a hot wok, this refreshingly sweet and delicate green tea has a pale-yellow liquor with subtle fruity notes.

English Peppermint, Made from the finest English Mitcham Black Peppermint, this infusion is fresh, aromatic and bright.

Tropical Punch, A blend of refreshing hibiscus, blackcurrants, rosehip and orange peel with a fruity aroma and striking reddish tint.

Lemongrass, A wonderful herbal infusion that combines the vibrant and refreshing taste of Lemongrass.

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